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Игровой Хостинг (bigdata.ckcorp.ru)
HLDS для всех тарифов
  • For AMXModX plugins, the collection of debugging information is disabled by standard (in amxx.cfg the parameter is amx_debug with a value of 0).
Game Hosting (bigdata.ckcorp.ru)
  • Restored the ability to pay through the service `WebMoney`.
  • Fixed domain resolving (third-party resources restored).
  • A column appeared in the "My Services" section with access to the web hosting control panel (web hosting is provided for free). Limitations:
    DNS domains: 5
    DNS records, databases, mail domains and accounts: 25
    Drive, traffic: 25 гб
Internet Encyclopedia (wiki.ckcorp.ru)
  • Added сlean URL support.
  • Signature traffic analysis restored after equipment replacement.


  • Fixed RCON password change via the "Change RCON password" button.


  • Fixed loading files with the extension .txt for fast dl.
  • No action is required to work with fast dl. Fast download works automatically.
  • Launch option -debug has been removed for LTS tariffs (this parameter is not needed for LTS tariffs, debugging is possible only on Testing tariffs or individually).
  • In the control panel, all current functionality (except for sending mail) is brought to operational status.
  • Added support for multithreading and opening multiple sessions for FTPES.
  • The control panel from bigdata.ckcorp.ru moved to gh.ckcorp.ru. bigdata.ckcorp.ru now hosts a site.
  • On "Testing" tariffs, updates are applied immediately as they become available.
  • Fixed delays specific to game servers.
  • Fixed the lack of rights to access the logs in the root and to the amxmodx logs.
  • Changes in technical support: teamviewer support is no longer provided.
  • Fixed loading files with the extension .res for fast dl.
  • Game hosting control panel:
  • - Multiple design changes with bug fixes.
    - Now you can get a trial, full-featured period for evaluating the work of the game server (during checkout of the game server).
    - The server can be extended for a period of more than a month, or lower (the higher the period, the more profitable).
    - A column appeared in the "my services" section, which allows you to clearly understand what data from FTP is related to a particular service.
    - A section with additions to game servers has appeared (add-ons (maps, plugins, game modifications) will appear whenever possible).
    - Deleted a section with additional ip addresses.
    - Control panel source code published: https://git.ckcorp.ru/ck/gh.ckcorp.ru
  • Fixed the lack of avatars in the Steam client.
  • Traffic routing fixes - game servers are displayed in Steam search.
  • Server platform update:
  • - Security updates.
    - Removed the fix for quick loading during reconnection to the game server (for clients below 6153), which caused a number of problems requiring complex troubleshooting practice on the part of clients/users.
  • Support for `total commander` and other FTP managers, where the use of` FTPES` is not explicitly defined (we only support FileZilla).
Все проекты
  • Global OS-level optimizations:
  • - Reduced IO latency.
    - Less resource consumption: CPU/RAM/HDD.
    - Higher system security and stability.
  • Transition to exact time servers (atomic).
  • Channel load reduction due to intermediate proxy servers.
  • Increased traffic compression volume for the web server, which reduced page response time.


  • Earned a connection by: whatsapp, mob. phone, mail, skype.
  • Changed contact details: mail, telegram.
  • Support for new instant messengers: Discord, Steam Chat and Group, Mail.Ru Agent, BearyChat, ChatWork, Crisp.
Game Hosting (gh.ckcorp.ru)
HLDSE for all tariffs
  • In the gamedll, the sound `weapons/knife_hitwall1.wav` was renamed to `weapons/knife_hit_solid1.wav`. (git.ckcorp.ru)
  • Fixed minor friezes specific to game servers.
  • In AMXModXE, a new functionality has been added: `get_bvar_id` and `set_bvar_id`. Usage example: (git.ckcorp.ru) (git.ckcorp.ru)
  • Correction of minor bugs in the AMXModXE compiler. (git.ckcorp.ru)
  • Security update: protection against a possible exploit.
  • Added to the list of free services: install CS Bans 1.3, Fresh Bans, Admin Loader. In various combinations or a stack of three options.


Game Hosting (bigdata.ckcorp.ru)
HLDS for all tariffs
  • Migrating from FTP to FTPES.
  • When connecting via FTP, the domain name is used, not the ip address.
  • Full upgrade server platform:
    backporting all changes;
  • improved protection against spambots, fake players;
    Fixed bug with loading csstats.dat.
  • Removed the code: setmaster and -setmaster option from the engine. (git.ckcorp.ru and git.ckcorp.ru)

  • Finally, all problems with the work of the server part, as well as game servers in general, have been solved.
  • Removed some features in the game server control panel.


Game Hosting (bigdata.ckcorp.ru)
HLDS for all tariffs
  • Backported all changes from upstream to gamedll.
  • Improved protection against spambots, fake players.
  • The database is replenished with signatures and other checks to improve the complex anti-cheat system.
Game Hosting (bigdata.ckcorp.ru)
HLDS for testing tariffs
  • Improved debug information collection. All dumps and debug.log are archived and viewed by developers to identify and fix problem areas.


  • Added new contacts: WhatsApp.


Game Hosting (bigdata.ckcorp.ru)
HLDS for all tariffs
  • Security updates.
  • AMXModX mysql module rebuild with updated minor version of api.
  • Rebuilding AMXModX with subtle optimizations.


Game Hosting (bigdata.ckcorp.ru)
HLDS for testing tariffs
  • The limit of models, sounds, sprites is expanded in two. From 512 to 1024.
  • Security updates.
New project contacts.ckcorp.ru
  • Contact information for communication with the administration.

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