C&K News


  • The volume of traffic compression has been increased, which has reduced the page load time.
  • Moving to Gitlab Enterprise, which was licensed to us as developers.
Игровой Хостинг (bigdata.ckcorp.ru)
  • Updated all material.
  • Added tariff schedule, contract and SLA.
  • Duplicate contacts from contacts.ckcorp.ru with quick access.
  • Technical support responded significantly faster after the alerts appeared.
Игровой Хостинг (панель управления) (gh.ckcorp.ru)
  • All clients of LTS tariffs who partially paid off debts:
  • - The debt has been fully repaid, regardless of the minus on the balance sheet.
    - The deposited amount went to the balance as a plus.
    - All clients of LTS tariffs were replenished in the amount of the maximum debt of existing clients.
    - All clients of Testing tariffs have their balance replenished for an arbitrary amount.
  • Reduced prices for renting game servers for 15%.
  • Changing the fastboot structure to support new games.
  • Double your bandwidth for fast downloads.
  • A store with free CMS has been added to the web hosting (view demo, install in one click).
  • Restored sending mail during password recovery.
  • To prevent attacks on client web applications, the Web Application Firewall was connected at levels l6 and l7.
    We will be happy to help with identifying incorrect work and individual development of rules for your applications. We have also prepared a set of rules for popular CMS.
    The service is free of charge and does not require any action on the part of the client.
Игровой Хостинг (панель управления) (gh.ckcorp.ru)
HLDS для всех тарифов
  • Security updates.
  • Overviews is no longer supported due to many flaws on the CS 1.6 client side.
Игровой Хостинг (панель управления) (gh.ckcorp.ru)
  • Game servers for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are available to order.
    Machine: i7 9700K processor 5.0GHz; NVMe SSD Raid 1; 128Gb RAM; air cooling.
    No threads. Cores only.
  • Preliminary fixes have been prepared for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive platform:
  • - Completely rewritten srcds_run script from `sh` to` bash`, correspondingly fixed at server start: `./srcds_run: 32: ./srcds_run: pushd: not foundss` and` ./srcds_run: 35: ./srcds_run: popd: not found`.
    - Also fixed when server starts `server not always creating steam_appid.txt file`,` Error parsing BotProfile.db - unknown attribute 'Rank' ', `Unknown command" cl_bobamt_vert "and exec: couldn't exec joystick.cfg`.
Файловик (zombie-mod.ru)
  • New responsive design compatible with the latest version of the engine, which is distributed with source code for git.ckcorp.ru.
  • Weakened requirements for registration (no captcha and additional questions).
  • Disabled emoticons (emoji).
  • Simplified CNCs (more logical description in tags).
  • The ability to add news has been restored (SW. Users, thanks for not sending a report in a year and a half).
  • Restored work of mail for mass mailing.
  • When adding news, all links are formatted as clickable.
  • Tree-like comments when replying to existing messages.
  • The conditions for searching the site have been simplified (at least two characters).
  • Now you can subscribe to comments under the news for their further tracking (notifications will be sent by mail).
  • The maximum number of characters in comments is 155000.
  • Indexing links left in comments.
  • Now only unique news views are counted.
  • Support for two-factor authorization on the site.
  • The ability to authorize via social networks.
  • When you receive a personal message, you will receive a notification by mail (if you entered the site as a registered user, and not through a social network).
  • Compression of all images through a third party service.
  • Updated all templates for sending E-mail messages.
  • Updated meta tags title, description, keywords.
  • Captcha is disabled.
  • Restored sending mail during password recovery.
Форум (forum.ckcorp.ru)
  • You can pin attachments in private messages.
  • When images are added, thumbnails are created.
  • Warnings are no longer automatically cleared.
  • Protocols in links are available only via https.
  • New design.
  • The volume of traffic compression has been increased, which has reduced the page load time.
  • Guests can mark topics as read.
  • Weakened requirements for registration (no captcha and additional questions).
  • Disabled emoticons (emoji).
  • The standard language of the forum has been changed to Russian.
  • Disabled the ability to select a forum style.
Контакты (contacts.ckcorp.ru)
  • All contact details have been replaced.
  • Teamviewer support only with version 15+.
  • Quick access to applications.
Список проектов (ckcorp.ru) и (ckcorp.org)
  • Support for three languages in the form of a toggle button: Russian, English and Ukrainian. Also, the language is selected automatically on the first visit, depending on the language you use frequently.
  • If the language is changed through the button, the action will be remembered.
  • In case of critical situations, backups are stored not only in the current data center, but also in another regional location.
  • Go to your mail server.
  • Increase the bandwidth of the channel by half.


Игровой Хостинг (bigdata.ckcorp.ru)
HLDS для всех тарифов
  • For AMXModX plugins, the collection of debugging information is disabled by standard (in amxx.cfg the parameter is amx_debug with a value of 0).
Game Hosting (bigdata.ckcorp.ru)
  • Restored the ability to pay through the service `WebMoney`.
  • Fixed domain resolving (third-party resources restored).
  • A column appeared in the "My Services" section with access to the web hosting control panel (web hosting is provided for free). Limitations:
    DNS domains: 5
    DNS records, databases, mail domains and accounts: 25
    Drive, traffic: 25 гб
Internet Encyclopedia (wiki.ckcorp.ru)
  • Added сlean URL support.
  • Signature traffic analysis restored after equipment replacement.


  • Fixed RCON password change via the "Change RCON password" button.


  • Fixed loading files with the extension .txt for fast dl.
  • No action is required to work with fast dl. Fast download works automatically.
  • Launch option -debug has been removed for LTS tariffs (this parameter is not needed for LTS tariffs, debugging is possible only on Testing tariffs or individually).
  • In the control panel, all current functionality (except for sending mail) is brought to operational status.
  • Added support for multithreading and opening multiple sessions for FTPES.
  • The control panel from bigdata.ckcorp.ru moved to gh.ckcorp.ru. bigdata.ckcorp.ru now hosts a site.
  • On "Testing" tariffs, updates are applied immediately as they become available.
  • Fixed delays specific to game servers.
  • Fixed the lack of rights to access the logs in the root and to the amxmodx logs.
  • Changes in technical support: teamviewer support is no longer provided.
  • Fixed loading files with the extension .res for fast dl.
  • Game hosting control panel:
  • - Multiple design changes with bug fixes.
    - Now you can get a trial, full-featured period for evaluating the work of the game server (during checkout of the game server).
    - The server can be extended for a period of more than a month, or lower (the higher the period, the more profitable).
    - A column appeared in the "my services" section, which allows you to clearly understand what data from FTP is related to a particular service.
    - A section with additions to game servers has appeared (add-ons (maps, plugins, game modifications) will appear whenever possible).
    - Deleted a section with additional ip addresses.
    - Control panel source code published: https://git.ckcorp.ru/ck/gh.ckcorp.ru
  • Fixed the lack of avatars in the Steam client.
  • Traffic routing fixes - game servers are displayed in Steam search.
  • Server platform update:
  • - Security updates.
    - Removed the fix for quick loading during reconnection to the game server (for clients below 6153), which caused a number of problems requiring complex troubleshooting practice on the part of clients/users.
  • Support for `total commander` and other FTP managers, where the use of` FTPES` is not explicitly defined (we only support FileZilla).
Все проекты
  • Global OS-level optimizations:
  • - Reduced IO latency.
    - Less resource consumption: CPU/RAM/HDD.
    - Higher system security and stability.
  • Transition to exact time servers (atomic).
  • Channel load reduction due to intermediate proxy servers.
  • Increased traffic compression volume for the web server, which reduced page response time.


  • Earned a connection by: whatsapp, mob. phone, mail, skype.
  • Changed contact details: mail, telegram.
  • Support for new instant messengers: Discord, Steam Chat and Group, Mail.Ru Agent, BearyChat, ChatWork, Crisp.
Game Hosting (gh.ckcorp.ru)
HLDSE for all tariffs
  • In the gamedll, the sound `weapons/knife_hitwall1.wav` was renamed to `weapons/knife_hit_solid1.wav`. (git.ckcorp.ru)
  • Fixed minor friezes specific to game servers.
  • In AMXModXE, a new functionality has been added: `get_bvar_id` and `set_bvar_id`. Usage example: (git.ckcorp.ru) (git.ckcorp.ru)
  • Correction of minor bugs in the AMXModXE compiler. (git.ckcorp.ru)
  • Security update: protection against a possible exploit.
  • Added to the list of free services: install CS Bans 1.3, Fresh Bans, Admin Loader. In various combinations or a stack of three options.


Game Hosting (bigdata.ckcorp.ru)
HLDS for all tariffs
  • Migrating from FTP to FTPES.
  • When connecting via FTP, the domain name is used, not the ip address.
  • Full upgrade server platform:
    backporting all changes;
  • improved protection against spambots, fake players;
    Fixed bug with loading csstats.dat.
  • Removed the code: setmaster and -setmaster option from the engine. (git.ckcorp.ru and git.ckcorp.ru)

  • Finally, all problems with the work of the server part, as well as game servers in general, have been solved.
  • Removed some features in the game server control panel.


Game Hosting (bigdata.ckcorp.ru)
HLDS for all tariffs
  • Backported all changes from upstream to gamedll.
  • Improved protection against spambots, fake players.
  • The database is replenished with signatures and other checks to improve the complex anti-cheat system.
Game Hosting (bigdata.ckcorp.ru)
HLDS for testing tariffs
  • Improved debug information collection. All dumps and debug.log are archived and viewed by developers to identify and fix problem areas.


  • Added new contacts: WhatsApp.


Game Hosting (bigdata.ckcorp.ru)
HLDS for all tariffs
  • Security updates.
  • AMXModX mysql module rebuild with updated minor version of api.
  • Rebuilding AMXModX with subtle optimizations.


Game Hosting (bigdata.ckcorp.ru)
HLDS for testing tariffs
  • The limit of models, sounds, sprites is expanded in two. From 512 to 1024.
  • Security updates.
New project contacts.ckcorp.ru
  • Contact information for communication with the administration.

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